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An annual IT assessment is not only a good business practice, but a necessary critical step. Without it, you are throwing money and resources (time, staff, etc) at a problem that may not even be real. Once you have established your goals for your practice with respect to adopting an EMR, or participating in an integrated health delivery network, you need to step back and assess your IT hardware status today, and where you want it to be at the end of the project.

We call this a gap assessment. If there is no gap, great, you don't have to procure any hardware or network infrastructure. More than likely, there will be a gap. And you should ask the right 'expert' to make this assessment. Many offices have tried to deal with this important task by using DIY or 'let me call my cousin' strategies. These techniques end up causing long term harm. The worst thing you can do is to bring in someone with a short term "works for now" philosophy, with no long term strategic planning to get you ready for your future needs. Soon, you'll end up with a patchwork of hardware and incompatible software, compromised network security, and frequent downtime caused by improper configuration of the 'system'. Horror stories, really, if you ask me.

We are here to help you. We fix IT! We are like asprin for your practice. Take two minutes to think it over, and call us.

At Med IT Systems, we are focused on creating value to our clients' business by optimizing their business processes using the latest IT solutions for the healthcare industry. Our strength is our undivided attention to the healthcare segment. We believe that by concentrating our efforts within a single market, our service and product solutions will bring the best value to our customers.

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